Champion & Reeves Nougat pack



Champion & Reeves Nougat pack..

Our 2 box pack contains the best dessert nougat range we have ever tasted. Dessert Nougat and Dessert Nougat with Italian Rose Cherries.
Beautifully packaged boxes contain 10 pieces, individually wrapped in waxed silver foil. Rich in golden roasted blanched almonds, pistachio, orange blossom honey covered in edible wafer paper. 100% cholesterol, gluten and palm oil free.
Champion & Reeves use a unique recipe, based on the famous ‘nougat de Montelimar’. Created in Montélimar the first factory was built in 1770 and since then the authentic nougat has been very popular.

Janette’s tasting notes:

A firm structure, but with a surprisingly soft and smooth texture. A complexity of delicate flavours and aromas.