Cafe-Tasse – chocolate bar collection – 340g (4 bars)


4 bars of Cafe-Tasse chocolate…..

….milk, dark & orange, extra dark and milk & caramelised hazelnuts.
Our range of 4 Cafe Tasse chocolate bars give you a variety of cocoa content; 2x milk at 38% cocoa plus 2 different darks at 60% cocoa and 77% cocoa.
The Cafe-Tasse story begins in Brussels in 1989. A man is sitting at the table of a typical Belgian café. He feels an irresistible urge for a good piece of chocolate to accompany his Espresso. The idea remained on his mind until he decided to create his own premium chocolate. That famous Belgian chocolate square, artisanal chocolate made in the pure Belgian tradition.
This is how the Café-Tasse chocolate brand and its famous kraft paper wrapping, were born.