Chocolate Gourmet Truffles

TRUFFLE information

Our selection of specially selected chocolates, truffles, pralines and other centres. The hard bit is deciding which one to eat first!
ImageTruffle StylesDescription
1201MIlk Chocolate, White ChocolateBaileys - creamy Baileys is stirred into a soft milk chocolate truffle dipped into milk chocolate and finished in a thin coating of white chocolate.
1119Dark ChocolateCaramel - smooth & soft honey caramel on a base of croquante (mix of crisp caramel & chopped nuts) dipped into a dark chocolate. Topped with a crystallised flower.
1234Dark ChocolateCerise - Ganache (dark chocolate, cream & butter) mixed with chunks of cherries soaked in Kirsch liqueur and covered in best dark chocolate
1178Dark ChocolateCerisette - plain chocolate cherry, real cherry soaked in cherry liqueur (complete with stalk and stone) then dipped in chocolate and vermicelli strands.
To eat - put it all in at once and find the stone!
1202MIlk Chocolate, White ChocolateA milk chocolate champagne truffle encased in white chocolate
1218Dark ChocolateChilli - dark chocolate and hot chilli, taste the chocolate, then as the flavour subsides feel the heat of the chilli!
1203Dark ChocolateCointreau - All dark truffle mixed with orange liqueur Cointreau and finally dipped in some dark chocolate.
1236MIlk ChocolateCreme Brulee - a chocolate version of the classic pudding. A Brulee ganache topped with crisp cane sugar in milk chocolate.
1230Dark ChocolateDark Pistachio - Pistachio & Hazelnut praline encased in a gentle dark chocolate
1237MIlk Chocolate, White ChocolateFlorentine - milk chocolate praline topped with caramelised pistachio and almond in a milk and white chocolate case.
1238Dark ChocolateKir Royale - a soft fondant of champagne and blackcurrant encased in dark chocolate and topped with dried raspberry.
1180MIlk ChocolateMarzipan - Love it or hate it? A fantastic chocolate, gianduja (a paste of chocolate cream and finely ground nuts) on a croquante layer, then a square of marzipan dipped in milk chocolate.
1120Dark Chocolate, White ChocolateOrange Buche - Dark bitter chocolate ganache (chocolate, cream & butter) with orange oil enrobed in white chocolate and decorated with a segment of crystallised orange.
1226MIlk ChocolatePraline - Creamy milk chocolate praline with a contemporary twist
1121Dark Chocolate, White ChocolateRaspberry - delicious raspberry creamy truffle centre in a thick dark case, generously dipped in white chocolate with a red bow motif.
1219MIlk ChocolateRum - the traditional rum truffle laced with navy rum and rolled in milk chocolate with dark chocolate vermicelli. A real classic.
1227Dark ChocolateSalted Caramel - A dark, gently salted caramel truffle
1220Dark ChocolateVery Dark - deliciously 80% dark chocolate truffle covered in more dark chocolate with dark chocolate stripes.
1122Dark ChocolateViolet - a traditional favourite - soft fondant with a 'flowery' taste covered in a dark chocolate and topped with a crystallised violet piece.
1123MIlk ChocolateWaffle - milk chocolate sandwiched together with a creamy filling of gianduja then sprinkled with caramelised nuts. Gianduja is a mixture of milk chocolate and finely chopped hazelnuts.
1204MIlk ChocolateWhisky - Milk chocolate truffle mixed with whisky and rolled in more milk chocolate
Dark chocolate (cocoa solids 52% minimum) milk chocolate (32% cocoa solid sminimum) white chocolate (23% cocoa solids, milk solids 24%) cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, cream, alcohol, Cointreau, whisky, baileys, rum, mar de champagne, cognac, kirsch, glucose syrup, almonds, hazelnuts, emulsifier (soya lecithin) flavour (vanillin) vegetable fat, whole milk powder, coffee extract, fructose, dextrose, maltose, raspberries, cherries, orange, unsalted butter, fondant, praline, essential oils, fruit compounds, natural colours, E120, E141, E163.
Warning: may contain traces of nuts, milk, egg.