Our Chocolate Gourmet team


Shrewsbury Chocolate Gourmet team
Shrewsbury staff:
Steph, Jayne and Erika (not pictured here)
Chocolate Gourmet team
Ludlow staff:
Theresa and Jenny (not pictured here)

Ludlow and Shrewsbury

I am really fortunate to have a wonderful (small) team of enthusiastic and experienced staff, notably some of whom have been with us for a very long time. Staff are always on hand to help customers either in person, on the telephone or via e mail to explain.
We are waiting to get all the staff together for each shop so we can show group photographs with Erika and Jenny included.

Chocolate Gourmet team: Janette

Internet customers are looked after by our Shrewsbury team, our staff are always happy to help with enquiries by telephone should you need any assistance.