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Unquestionably the rarest chocolate bars come from the Italian company Amedei based in Tuscany. This extra special chocolate is produced using only high quality cocoa beans from the Chuao Valley and the Porcelana Estate – both in South America. A bar of chocolate by Amedei is a must try for any chocolate lover.

Information about Amedei chocolate

When a passion turns into a profession the results are legendary. Add to this the tradition of a maitre chocolatier and the result is truly amazing. Amedei, based in Tuscany and founded in 1990 by brother & sister team Cecelia & Alessio Tessieri and since then the Amedei brand has become one of the world’s most exclusive chocolate labels.

Amedei chocolate is the perfect result of careful selection of raw materials, exclusive hand craftsmanship and a wealth of creativity. The Tessieris believe that it is important to follow the whole cycle from the raw beans growing in the forest plantations to the finished bar of premium chocolate.

Amedei support a co-operative to be found in the heart of Venezuela’s Caribbean coast. There lies a mountain village by the name of Chuao, which many chocolate aficionados believe grows the best cocoa beans you could ever wish to discover.

Annually the village of Chuao only produces 25 tonnes a very small quantity when you consider that 3.4m tonnes of cocoa were processed worldwide in 2006. Apart from the limited supply, the Chuao village’s cocoa beans have a distinctive redcurrant aroma. Legend has it that the valley contains a unique selection of minerals in the soil. However it is more likely that the skill and methods of husbandry learned by generations of farmers over hundreds of years must account for at least some of the perfection found in these rare cocoa beans.

These cocoa beans are still harvested and fermented entirely by hand in the village of Chuao before leaving Venezuela for their long journey to Tuscany. Alessio Tessieri has established a direct relationship with the plantations & the cocoa growers. He has specially trained agronomists to help with the production of their premier cocoa beans. These links continue to ensure and maintain the very highest quality product.

Amedei secured the world exclusivity for these robust cocoa beans. Creating a chocolate full of ripe red berry flavours.

At Chocolate Gourmet we have chosen what we consider to be the best of the Amedei chocolate bars. The three I Frutti bars featuring white chocolate with pistachios, milk chocolate with hazelnuts & dark chocolate with almonds.

Two bars one entitled RED a dark 70% cocoa solid bar with strawberry, raspberry & cherry and it’s companion bar BLOND a 63% cocoa solid dark chocolate bar with apricot & peach. And finally last but not least the CHUAO 70% dark chocolate bar.

An Amedei bar won three out of five gold medals in the best bar category at the 2006 World Chocolate Awards in London.